Sunday, 10 June 2007

not all that profound

Being John Malkovich struck me as deeply sad, more than anything else. Once you get past the zany carapace you are left with people who treat each other like objects and whose only meaningful contact, whether spoken or touching, is sexual, in a shallow mode.

What also struck me (in that way that things are wont to do, when one is thinking about A, everything seems to link to A somehow...) was the cross-sex theme. Characters muse on inhabiting the bodies of the opposite sex, and some do so as well. Ultimately it's all within a simple binary framework, and some of their comments are rather trite, but it all resonated with the research I have been doing on sex/gender for the Jubilee Centre. This really has challenged my assumptions and forced me to do some serious thinking and engagement with scholarship totally opposed to the biblical gospel. At the moment, rather like BJM, my thoughts on gender/sex are not all that profound, but lots of what I'm reading truly is, so it may make its way to the blog at some point.