Friday, 22 February 2008

fruitful diversity

I am torn in at least two theological directions at the moment.

On the one hand we have the church of my fathers (low, free, conservative evangelical) invigorated by a real focus on community, not just talk about community, and an Anabaptist shot in the arm - such as we find in the Crowded House, the thoughts of Tim Chester, Steve Timmis et al. Their Total Church (IVP, 2007) is so good it brought tears to my eyes.

On the other hand, pulling almost as hard (and harder on the brain right now, if not on the body) we have the Reformed Reformed, paedobaptist, fairly high church, literary, juicy guys like Jordan, Leithart, Field, etc. A typically stimulating contribution on Levitical offerings may be found here.

What's a boy to do? I love the heritage and high theology of communion of these Reformed Reformed types, and their careful discussions of all sorts, and their focus on culture, though there is almost nothing about overseas mission, evangelism and day-to-day sharing of the gospel in their writings. Which seems a bit odd. And in practical terms, the "missional community" approach of the "Reformed" household churches seems to meet a pretty urgent need in the UK, more so than Doug Wilson, fine contribution though he may be making in Moscow Idaho and elsewhere. So, you can see which way I'm leaning, but for cheeky theological contraband, I will probably continue to peruse and plunder BiblicalHorizons and their ilk. And meanwhile Kate and I may well become paedobaptist homeschooling Crowded House types...!