Monday, 7 April 2008


We are going through our CD collection from A-Z at the moment (partly to spare us from the burden of choice when we want some diferent music than Radio 3 has on offer, and partly to justify having built up such a bloated stash) and arrived at Scriabin last week. The only Scriabin discs I own are the complete piano sonatas (plus miscellaneous piano works) on a double-CD and the complete symphonies (plus piano concerto) in a 3-CD boxed set.

After listening to one or two of the symphonies, I flicked onto the radio to discover that the Beeb were broadcasting Scriabin's symphonies over the same time period that we were listening to them. How odd.

For someone who thinks that there is more to coincidences than meets the eye (though he's not quite sure what) take a look at the blog of author and chess Grandmaster James Plaskett. [First post and most recent post - wonder why he's dried up...] His eccentricity is charmingly English - posting liberally on anti-Darwinism and the defence of Major Charles Ingram (convicted of cheating on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2003), both of which causes I have heartily in support of, as well as on mystical codswallop regarding coincidences!

If defence of Charles Ingram seems a little odd to you, I suggest you read the superb essay by Plaskett on the subject. At the very least the jury should not have been able to return a guilty verdict since the evidence in the case, properly examined, cannot take us beyond reasonable doubt. It is also more than possible that the Ingrams were completely innocent.