Monday, 9 June 2008


Being ill is no fun, especially if you're a man and therefore feel it so much more keenly (on account of being more fragile). When I'm not ill I think, how great it would be to have an excuse to get into bed and take it easy for a few days.When I am ill I think, now I'm letting everyone down and missing out on considerably more than half the fun of everything that's going on. Not to mention what being self-employed does to the worry-nodes of an ill person...

By conserving my strength mid-heavy-cold (which I should not call 'flu' as that would be alarmist) with long daytime naps I have managed to enjoy a concert given by many of my students (Saturday afternoon) a BBQ in the sun hosted by a friend from church (Sunday lunch) and a Filipino-focussed evening at Hope Community Church. Lovely to meet some more friendly people from that part of the world and enjoy some noodles and hear the gospel again! Going home early was annoying, but hopefully I shall be bug-free again soon, as I have been for ages.

Growing up and at university I remember (or have fabricated) frequent minor illnesses and semi-permanent colds for most of the year, but for the last 24 months or so I have done extremely well at avoiding them, thank God. I hope that characterizes the next few years as I'm beginning to bore myself with moaning about aching limbs and blowing my nose all the time.