Wednesday, 8 October 2008

before a fall?

Had a bit of a shocker with the trusty steed on Monday… The left pedal came off as I was cycling along – fortunately passing the very bike shop on the High Street that had fitted them before the weekend. Turns out that the heat-gun-extraction of the old left pedal had ruined the thread and the whole bike might have to be junked as it is worth less than the cost of replacing its various ailing parts. I left it with them for a day, with the hope that an interim solution might be found.


Sentiment triumphed over economics, and they fitted me a new pedal block (to house the shiny new white pedals, about which I am still chuffed) at a heavily discounted price, which was nice of them.

They are The Kurser, 47 High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, should you be interested – and very friendly. I don’t normally do product placement on the blog, but I’m in a good mood what with the brilliant sunshine, a great morning studying Isaiah, chatting to a baker friend, teaching one of my best students, having 5 caffeinated drinks before midday, the shiny white pedals, and…