Saturday, 17 January 2009

Four centuries!

This is post 400. And the first past the post of 2009.

A lot of fun, satisfying, tiring and even wearing stuff has been happening over the Christmas and New Year period. Some of it may even make its way onto the blog.

For now, here's a sad story of the vanishing bookshop chain (SPCK). Not connected with the credit crunch and the collapse in retail sales around the UK, but the result of some very murky dealings by some Orthodox businessmen. Speaking from a conservative evangelical perspective, I never found all that much of interest in SPCK (but, then, the faith-lite of what's in Wesley Owen these days is hardly better, alas), but I still lament their demise, especially if they have been beaten, stripped and robbed. I heard the story first from my brother's brother-in-law (yes, that's my claim to fame).