Saturday, 17 March 2007

Chess: highlight

During the excellent and stimulating TEAM (Training for East Anglian Ministry, but sadly there's no website I can direct you to...) course on my Wednesdays, I manage to play, on average, ten games of chess. And I'm not talking about the kind of chess that me and RJG used to play sans board during GCSE French (we would usually get to about move 20, scrappily notated in algebraic, before our brains gave up or the bell went...) - I'm talking about genuine skittles chess, fitted into the break- and lunchtimes. Charles and I are fairly evenly matched at skittles, although my crazy sacrificial style is currently scoring more highly than it deserves. Most games with me as White are double-barelled gambits (either Smith-Morra or Blackmar-Diemer) or else a kingside onslaught against the Pirc involving an early g4. As Black we test various unsound lines in the Trompvsky involving 2. ...c5 and 3. ...gxf6. Bring it on!

Praise the Lord for such stimulating, practical theology, and for His gift of ingenuity to those who invented and refined chess! Not to mention the pleasure of fine company and a mind to enjoy this sort of silliness.