Monday, 7 May 2007

BHWE Sunday

Praise the Lord for another great day. A real answer to prayer. I managed to get through the tricky theological questions surrounding parables, with the help of a bowl of dodgy flour and a string of immitation pearls (priceless in the sense that I gave the word aged 7 - 'with no value' - a sense that persisted for many years...)

Celebration of the Lord's Supper - hurrah! Lots of great chat with people at church. Back home to feed 17 people, including several neighbours and a friend of ours from Japan who we hadn't seen for months. More answers to prayer and tremendous fun.

Could have carried on for a lot longer, but at 4pm rushed across Cherry Hinton to take a service at an old people's home that we visit every fortnight. Managed some lovely conversation with a couple of residents who are often unable to speak or communicate, and a really challenging conversation with one lady who is razor-sharp mentally, and sadly, still agnostic. Kate and she talk knitting and the gospel regularly, though.

Playing piano at the evening service and then off to a concert of contemporary music. Noisy and odd, but stimulating. Geoffrey Poole, Grieg (some unusual folk music that sounded very 20th century!) Ligeti, some Dutch guy for solo flute and also a big work by a friend, Edmund Bloxam (composer to watch in the future). Couldn't quite get my head round some of the sentiments in the programme notes, or some of the noises, but it was enjoyable nonetheless, and I'm always in awe of those who can string something artistic together coherently. And the concert kicked off with jazz piano by a good friend, Andy, who is a clarinet maestro but has been excercising himself at the keyboard over the last few years while allegedly training to be a doctor...

What an exhausting day!