Thursday, 4 October 2007

Sufi music

not sure how accurate the adjective is, there, but the music of Omar Faruk Tekbilek is worth some attention. The backing group on the link below reminds me of Metallica and the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra, a poster of which adorned the room of a friend and fellow English graduate from Downing... but enough of my reminiscenses, this is supposed to be a post about this Turkish musician, who is not at all similar to Metallica!

Check it out
. It's a lot easier to follow than some traditional Turkish music I have heard (type "saz" into youtube, for examples), and for that reason slightly less interesting. I am also yet to be convinced there's anything special about him, since his band and fellow soloists do most of the work on that clip. However, his CV is impressive, and he's coming to London next weekend with a much more interesting-looking backing group...