Saturday, 13 October 2007

Trinnng trnnnnnng, trnnnnng trnnnnnnng....

[Pleasant female voice] Good morning, Cambridge University Library

[cheeky James] Good morning. I have just been reminded that I have several books that are overdue that I ought to have returned, and I wonder if I could get an exemption from the fine.

[pfv] Um...

[cj] On Sunday, my lung partially collapsed, and that made it tricky for me to get to the UL this week.

[pfv] Oh gosh, are you alright?!

[cj] Yes, yes, recovering well, thank you.

[pfv] Wow. That sounds awful. Um, let me see... Do you have your UL card on you?

[cj] Yes, it's just here.

[pfv] Could you tell me the five-character code, starting with V?

.... all went according to plan, and she kindly renewed all the books, not just the overdue ones, though I will need to produce a doctor's note on my next visit if I want the fines to be waived. Which I do. So when I go for my x-ray on Monday morning I must remember that...