Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Concerts to come

Both are at Emmanuel URC, Trumpington Street, at 1pm.

5th December
Schumann, Violin Sonata No. 1 in A minor, Op.101
Elgar, Violin Sonata, Op.82

Rarely-heard profound works from the mature pens of great Romantics – one of the first and one of the last.
Jane Foottit, violinist extraodinaire, will be taking centre stage and I will be in accompaniment mode.

12th December
Brahms, Fantasien, Op.116
Mompou, Impressiones Intimas
Gershwin, Preludes

I seem to be learning a lot of short pieces at the moment, and I prefer to play whole collections if possible (as in the Grieg concert). Not sure why – perhaps in order to see if there is a deep unity to these sets of occasional works or if one can be conjured up in performance, at least.

Moment of doubt: Why do I do this!? Three concerts in just over three weeks, with completely different programmes that are all just beyond my technical powers! Well, I love music, and life would be dull without a challenge, wouldn’t it? Plus, one must keep up one’s bluffing skills (otherwise known as musical interpretation – don’t tell my students)…