Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Paper blog

Ever since I was an undergraduate I have carried around with me a little notebook for recording interesting things I come across and jobs that need to be done. Rather like a commonplace book. Constitutionally I am a hoarder, so this sort of book comes in very handy for information- or thought-hoarding: I prefer to hoard things that are not really of any value! Perhaps that is often the way with hoarders. Initially I cannibalized (wrong word, but I wanted to use it anyway!) old school notebooks that had a few pages of German vocabulary or early 90s basic, basic computer science in them (these blue books, smaller than A6, have also come in very handy for some piano pupils over the years, and now that I have so many students such books are essential for the poor teacher’s brain). More recently I have moved to A5: am I more prolix with advancing age or do I notice an increasing number of interesting things?

The current book is almost full, and flicking through I came across something written to be put up on noearthlycity this time last year. I was not a happy bunny that morning as I made my slow way to the office in Huntingdon…

Tuesday. Freezing frozen bikes. Icy cold seat. Brakes first not working then broken (loose) then unaccountably wedged on at back. Walking back home also led to me missing first two buses. House wasted! V. cross. Read Garrison Keillor which was cheering, but also kind of sad. Thought I didn’t even have this book, in which to record my thoughts but then it turned out I did. Nice bus driver let me get warm – then found week old banana skin in side pocket of rucksack. Funny tingling in left fingers and achey back.