Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Vantage Point

A surprisingly great film. Perhaps a little formulaic in its ending, and disappointing in not focussing on the real political issues or implications of the attempt on the life of the US President (at a summit concerned with uniting against international terror), but not without power to make the audience think.

Kate said that the film’s message was a little simplistically pro-American in that one subtext was, even when you try to negotiate with these people there is violence against you, and you can’t trust anyone. But Vantage Point doesn’t quite push to the conclusion that what is needed is more security, more curbs on liberties, oranything like that. It is quite taken up with its observing of the moment. Plus its major message seemed to me to be the triumph of the middle-aged man. Dennis Quaid especially, but also Forrest Whittaker, and even John Hurt has bis brief moment of decisive action. Middle age is OK guys – you can still save the world!