Saturday, 17 May 2008

NTI political engagement (and post-)

Yesterday's seminar day in Sheffield was as superb as usual. The papers were on...

The complementary teaching of Romans 13 and Revelation 13 about the state
Dutch Calvinist approach to political engagement
Oliver O'Donovan's Desire of the Nations
Genocide in the Old Testament

We really got into some deep discussion, thinking hard about the practicalities of opposition to abortion in the UK, about the nature of a 'Christian State', about O'Donovan and how he's cleverer than all of us put together, about how the prophets were as "genocidal" as Joshua (e.g. Obadiah) but how the New Testament picks this up as being fulfilled in the discipleship of the nations (the destruction of the 'old man'?), and much more besides.

Whippets and flat caps were in abundance, but no breakfast-in-a-box this time (£2.50 from Sandwich Chez down the road from TC's house if you want to sample it) as leftover Bolognase was provided on toast. What other Bible college can do this!?