Sunday, 30 September 2007

web-trail joy

The wikipedia page on Imhotep (he of predictive text fame) was quite interesting.

From it, I came across an associated page that mentioned other Imhoteps, in order to avoid confusion...

This led me to a reminiscence about the great cheapo black horror comedy, Bubba Ho-tep, which Kate and I had enjoyed and been revolted by a couple of years ago when milking the free offer at for all it was worth.

Which, naturally led on to the link about actor Bruce Campbell, the kind of guy for whom the phrase "cult following" was invented.

But of course, it was Chuck Norris for whom the phrase was actually invented (as the hilarious Chuck Norris Facts website doubtless says somewhere... a website that Bruce's fans have flattered with imitation, hence the link)

This page gave me the startling information that Chuck Norris was a Christian (praise God!). But now it was time to leave wikipedia for greener pastures...
Bed-wettingly funny.

And thence to the man's own web-page, with its very own 'Christian Area', but not a huge amount else about Christ, rather more about his illustrious career and general humanitarian efforts for the last few decades (which are impressive, and show that philanthropy of time and cash is a very good thing for society and for those in need). And what a good old militaristic American patriot he is, too.

I can't say I've thought a whole lot about personal violence and life changes after Christian conversion, but something about promoting extreme combat as entertainment grates with me. But hey, I'm skinny, English, intellectual, etc. What do I know?