Thursday, 20 September 2007

Yes Bilezikian

Thus, one need only go three verses into the Bible to discover what is amply taught in the rest of Scripture, especially in the New Testament, that God is presented as a Tri-unity of divine entities existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the eternal community of oneness from whom all other communities derive life and meaning. Like Christians, Jews and Muslims also believe in one God. However, because their God is one person within one being, he is the prisoner of his own limitation. Frozen within the singularity of his own transcendency, he can never experience community. Not so for the God revealed by Jesus Christ. Although one being, he is eternally three persons within oneness. He values community supremely because he experiences the dynamics and snergy of three in one. Thus when he creates he creates community.

Gilbert Bilezikian, Community 101: Reclaiming the Local Church as Community of Oneness (Zondervan 1997), pp. 17-18