Monday, 3 September 2007

Records and round-up

Last month saw a record number of posts on noearthlycity. Most were somewhat frivolous, as I constantly defeat my own intentions to have a serious blog! Something about the extra discipline actually required to write decent, meaty posts on the many theological topics buzzing round my head puts me off.

The week before last saw none due to an increase in work and a general build-up of jobs in the run-up to the launch of Hope Community Church and an 8-day adventure taking in five countries.

Last week saw none at all due to a lovely warm trip to Turkey (via Switzerland) for our friends' wedding - followed by a whistle-stop visit to Pembrokeshire (via Poland and a relaxing day at my parents' house in Bath) for some other friends' wedding. Neither occasion was a wedding as might be traditionally understood in Britain, and that was the occasion for some musings as we thought about these things ourselves and explained our cryptic reporting of the holiday as visits to "not-weddings". I wonder if my views have even changed on that subject as on so many others. Well, musing later, as time is short...