Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Tim Krabbe and chess again

Fortunately for the curious among us, Dutch novelist (The Vanishing, among many others), screenwriter, cyclist and chess maestro TK is posting again on his English Chess Diary. Perusing the older pages I came across this one again - a particularly rich series taking in beautiful problems, wild positions, combinations and sacrifices, and plenty of human drama - like the minor tragedy of M. Zinar, the hidden chess composition wizard who was a Ukranian schoolteacher by day and died young in the 90s...

And I have managed not to lose to Charles after 49 half-moves, which is such an achievement that even if I chuck it all away (already managed to be a pawn and the exchange down!) it's worth noting. And it has been a more interesting game than the ones in which I lose material in the first 10 moves - both of us have had to do some head-scratching.

1. e4 c5
2. d4 cxd4
3. c3 dxc3
4. Nxc3 Nc6
5. Nf3 e6
6. Bc4 a6
7. Qe2 d6
8. 0-0 Qc7
9. Rd1 Be7
10. Bf4 Nf6
11. Rac1 0-0
12. e5?! dxe5
13. Nxe5 Nxe5?! (here, 13. ...Bd6 would have led to a quick win for Black)
14. Bxe5 Qa5
15. Rd4 b5
16. Bd3 b4
17. Rh4 g6 (getting quite fun now!)
18. Nd1 Bb7
19. Rc7 Qd5
20. f4 Rfd8
21. Bc2 Rd7
22. Ne3 Qxa2 (it's great the way that threats and counter-threats are building up...)
23. Rxb7 Rxb7
24. Qf3 Qa1+
25. Kf2 Raa7
26. hmm...

It could all go pear-shaped given how many pieces down I am and how loose the whole position it, but it's been fun while it lasted....