Monday, 6 August 2007

"Boris Johnson would destroy London's unity"

said somebody with an OBE who is black and who has suffered as a result of racist violence. Yet that hardly justifies the comment being the front page "news" article of Saturday's Guardian! How is that news!? If someone wrote this in the Kiddiminster Weeky Advertiser would you be impressed... 'A hostile opinion to the mayoral candidacy of Mr B Johnson, Con., was expressed yesterday... blah, blah...' Come on Guardian, you can do better than front-page ad hominem. It's not as if the article actually said very much beyond that except to quote bits of Johnson's journalism out of context. If we were looking for a balanced look at the candidates we might have expected some comments on Livingstone's bloopers, but in any case we weren't - we were looking for NEWS on the front page of a respectable NEWSpaper!