Monday, 6 August 2007

God means business: Obadiah then and now (1)

Following a provocative suggestion from David Field about modern-day 'brothers' of the people of God, I began with a quotation about Orthodox persecution of Protestants (Russian, but cf. Armenia, Ethiopia, Greece, etc), and then introduced the liberal media as dependent brother to the church. [The small evening congregation at Rock Baptist last night were generously indulgent with that!]

All this was a preamble to Obadiah 1-14...

* Judgement is real, coming, and terrible (1-6)
* Trust in God (3-9)
* Love your neighbour (10-14)

Since the Edomites were destroyed as predicted, we know that God means business. He will exalt his people even as they humble themselves and are humiliated by enemies (including enemies who really should know better).

Christ himself came to live the full life of obedience - loving God and neighbour - and by his power we too can escape being Edomites and live as true Israelites.

With thanks to DF for making his fabulous study guide on Obadiah available online. A mine of useful information and rich suggestions for those wishing to preach from the shortest book in the Old Testament!