Monday, 13 August 2007

Prof Richard Bras

The new father has returned to the blogosphere! Some quality thoughts on a verse that is one of my favourites as well. I enjoy it because of its setting. The threefold attack on Christ by successive waves of the establishment intelligensia, just before they have him killed.

To the first question (is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?) Jesus gives a 'proper' response, which is to say that he accepts the question as valid and uses it as a springboard for a cutting response about covenant fidelity to YHWH. After all, YHWH's image is much more prominent and important than any mere Caesar's is!

To the second, from the Saducees, he takes an 'orthodox' Jewish line, as it were. The response is just plain rude - no fancy work. Direct and to the point.

The third - well, look at that one yourself...