Saturday, 6 September 2008

electrical bother

My naivete in the area of DIY is legendary. On Wednesday morning (which was the end of the third week of sleeping unusually badly and briefly, even for me) I was rather sluggish, but when the lights in the kitchen exploded at 6.35am it brought me to my peak of action-readiness. Having rather ill-advisedly unscrewed the three-bulb fitting from the ceiling I was forced to use an intricate martial arts move ("crazy stork", I think) to keep it from pulling the ceiling down while I reached for a chair, the screw cap and a mini tool kit. Shame there was no one there to see it.

After 30 minutes of struggling nobly, I was forced to retreat, leaving the fitting, now fitting poorly into the ceiling, still inactive. As winter well and truly approaches, I may look into replacing the other two bulbs (bits of bulb #3 are stuck in their socket) or at least calling our nice landlord and -lady to sort it out.