Tuesday, 24 March 2009


At long last I have got round to joining the badminton club down the road. And boy does it hurt. After 2 hours of dancing around the court with players of all ages and most abilities above my own (yes, several pensioners who were clearly better than me) I am wondering whether or not itwas worth it.

Of course it was, even though on the way home the unnescessarily long laces on my trainers got caught in my pedals and I fell off my bike, causing the chain to fall off (my heart was free), leading to my hands getting covered in oil, so no gloves possible, so freezing extremities by the time I got home.

There's a saga-in-waiting there.

Meanwhile, badminton will entertain me for many a Monday to come, I hope. And it will be a great way to chat to more local people who I don't yet know.