Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Mark Experience

Mark's gospel as a drama, with a cast of 15 from churches all over Cambridge. 90 minutes of excitement and compelling story, and truth of eternal significance.

This weekend at Emmanuel URC, site of many a fun concert.

I am in it! So I've learned the whole of the book - not word-for-word, but incidents, structure and gist of conversations. It's been really exciting, and easier than I feared. From a dramatic perspective things are less certain... it's the first time I've been in a play since Tom Stoppard's "Fifteen-Minute Hamlet" in which I was Queen Gertrude, and that was way back in 1992. For the Mark Experience I will be a host of minor roles, including (since I have man flu) the well-known man with a cough.

And immediately a man with a slight cough came to him, and immediately began to complain of other aches and pains... the disciples asked him, 'why couldn't we drive him out?'..."

[From Mrs L's apocryphal version of Mark's gospel!]