Sunday, 31 December 2006

Christmas wafer packaging

From our friends Mike and Sarah, who just returned from honeymoon in Prague, came a fine gingerbread and a box of sweet wafers. The packaging may have been put together with the help of babelfish rather than anyone who had ever learned English, however...

Carlsbad spa wafers have been indissoluble tied up with the unique atmosphere delicious taste and sweet smell remind for a long time after the return homewards to the spa guests and other visitors of Karlovy Vary of the pleasant time spent in this charming town.
Among those who fell for its smell and enjoyed he fresh warm wafers belonged J. Brahms, P.I. Tchaikovskij, writers N.V. Gogl, A. Tolstoy...
You will please for sure not only close friends with this present. As well as many years ago, today you can choose from the wide offer of traditional Karlsbad wafers produced by TH BODAM.

Kate tells me that they did a lot better with the German.