Friday, 15 December 2006

cycling and the philospohy of right

In these days of everybody (of a certain class) rushing round being terribly busy and self-important, it's little wonder that most cyclists occasionally/frequently (delete as appropriate) decide to ignore traffic lights or cycle on pavements. Not a good thing. It wouldn't hurt if we all relaxed a little on our journeys - whether we're behind a wheel or handlebars. I need to take some of my own advice on that one.

But what was interesting was a programme on Radio 4 the other day in which cyclists were interviewed about their participation in such dodgy practices (women are much more law-abiding than men). And when asked why don't you break the law?, the answer was 'pedestrians have the right to cross the road safely.' Not that I disagree with that statement, but it was interesting to note that the law itself did not feature in the answer. Does that reveal a seismic shift in general attitudes to behaviour? Or am I whipping up a blog post on the back of nothing?