Sunday, 3 December 2006

David Field

came down from Oak Hill College, London, to preach at our church today. It was a great blessing to hear him - very energetic and passionate, and great at communicating the big story of God's word.

He spoke on Mark 3:20-35, 'Redefining the Family: Repossesing the House'. Very exciting to have God's plans for family (one of the great idols of today, notwithstanding the collapse of 'traditional family values' in our culture) reaffirmed to us. He gets hold one of his good gifts to us (which we have ruined by sin or perverted into idols) and 'takes it to the next level'. The family of God, the church, is God in the process of transforming our close relationships to make them better - and to draw us into the communion of the Holy Trinity. Wow!

And 'reposessing the house' explained the parable of the strong man - Jesus binds Satan and plunders his house, i.e. rescues men, women and children from the grip of sin and death. Thereby bringing them into the transformed family of God.

I also had a chat to him after the service (thoroughly great Christian bloke, willing to chat familiarly with a random person from a church he's visited only a couple of times!) about some things on his blog. Well worth a read. I may muse on them some more another day...