Friday, 15 December 2006

First Post

Do I have the poise to write a blog?
Do I need poise?
Do I need a band of disciples?
Maybe some books to advertise?
Should I post poems?
Do I need to be exceedingly witty or observant?
Do I need to have strong political opinions?
Must I be cool?
How can I be honest without being excruciatingly gauche?
Especially in relation to 'bad' things, on which the veneer of presentation may weigh heavily...
But what about the 'good' stuff where self-depreciation may intervene?
How much is too much?
Why do I still chew my fingers and fingernails when a significant amount of my earnings comes from playing the piano?
Do I need some business cards?
The feeling of getting somewhere, doing something...
I still can't put pictures on my blog - how pants is that!?