Tuesday, 17 July 2007

before a fall

I have been busy counting chickens regarding this game:

1. e4 c5
2. d4 cxd4
3. c3 dxc3
4. Nxc3 Nc6
5. Nf3 a6
6. Bc4 d6 (I can't resist the pawn push after the tripled delights of the last one)
7. e5 e6 (but Charles annoyingly preferred a sound option...)
8. exd6 Bxd6
9. 0-0 Nf6
10. Bg5 0-0 (this seems a little careless. After ...Be7 he might hold the pawn and squeeze a win)
11. Bxf6 gxf6
12. Qd2 Qc7
13. Ne4 Be7
14. Qh6 Ne5
15. Nxf6+ Bxf6
16. Qxf6 Nxc4 (never happier at the board than when sacrificing)
17. Rac1 b5
18. Rfd1 Bb7 (...e5!? looked more challenging for White)
19. Rd4 Bxf3
20. gxf3 intending to swing the rook over and win lots of material through the king being pinned down somewhat. What am I missing?