Saturday, 27 January 2007

Cat gets stuck in a jar

The first pictures have been released of a cat that got its head stuck in a jam jar.
A motorist went to a police station for help after finding the tabby wandering beside a road in Peterborough, with the jar on its head and a mouse trapped inside, millimetres from its nose.A receptionist and three officers pulled and twisted but were unable to release the cat, police said. Eventually the animal freed itself – and the mouse – by smashing the jar on the floor of Thorpe Wood police station."It was like a scene from Tom and Jerry," said a police spokeswoman. "I don't think anyone had ever seen anything like it before. The mouse ran off – it's still running around Thorpe Wood police station somewhere."

(Peterborough Evening Telegraph, Jan 25th)

Oh yes. Hmm, despite being put first in this article the pictures are not really the substance of the story, and are not really that exciting. Only one is actually on display on the Telegraph's website, and it's unfortunately reminiscent of the leaflets handed out by animal rights protesters claiming to show creatures that have been horribly treated in various labs.