Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Shogi 5

Last Sunday morning over drawn-out breakfast, when I should have been doing something helpful before church, I managed to pull this off. My favourite game so far, I think. The relative size of the attacking forces in the endgame (which was reached very quickly indeed) shows that it's not all about strength of numbers but about targeted, focused power.

Computer vs. J

1. P76 P84

2. R68 P85

3. B77 P34

4. P66 P64

5. S38 G(6)52

6. P65 Bx77

7. Nx77 Px65

8. B’55 B’44

9. Bx44 Px44

10. B’15 B’42

11. B26 B33

12. S88 P86

13. Px86 Rx86

14. G78 P64

15. Rx64 P45

16. R69 Rx76

17. R65 R66

18. Rx66 Bx66

19. R’86 Bx57+ (a very high-cost strategy to get a horse right in front of the enemy king)

20. Rx81+ R’89

21. N’69 K42

22. B15 N33

23. P’79 +B66

24. Rx71 S32

25. S’98 P’68 (I have to give up the rook, but now Black’s generals are all in the wrong corner…)

26. Sx89 Px69+

27. Kx69 N’57

28. K59 Nx49+

29. Sx49 P14

30. B26 G’39 (a tiny attack, but surprisingly effective)

31. N’66 G(5)51

32. R’72 P’62

33. Rx73+ K31 (‘an early king escape is worth 8 moves’ – shogi proverb)

34. Bx53+ K22

35. P’67 Gx49

36. Kx49 S’48

37. K38 S39+

38. K28 +B48

39. K18 +Bx47

40. G’28 P15 (the humble, heroic pawn decides the game…)

41. P’52 P16

42. Px51+ Gx29

43. +Px41 Gx28

44. Kx28 G’29

45. K18 Px17+

46. +Bx17 Gx19 (even the return of the cavalry cannot save my silicon friend)

47. Kx19 Lx17=

48. P’18 Lx18+

49. Kx18 P’17

50. K28 N’16

51. Kx17 B’39

52. Kx16 +B25 checkmate