Friday, 5 January 2007

Insomniac shogi

For some reason I can't sleep tonight, so I came downstairs to do something useful. Managed several thankyou letters before the power of shogi overtook me. I am experimenting with slightly unusual openings that I know nothing about. It seems to be working OK...

1. P76 P34
2. P75 P44
3. P56 B33
4. P66 S42
5. R78 S43
6. S68 L12
7. S77 R42
8. K48 G(4)52
9. K38 P64
10. S48 S72 (giving me a quick edo castle)
11. P86 S54 (the so-called ‘reclining silver’ formation)
12. S76 P45
13. G(6)58 P35
14. G67 K62 (my castle is quite loose but White must spend time on king safety)
15. S85 S63
16. P74 Px74
17. Sx74 P’73
18. Sx63+ Sx63
19. S’76 K72 (my silver drop was necessary to prevent White dropping one on 87)
20. P85 P46
21. Px46 Rx46
22. S47 R42
23. P’46 K82
24. B77 S54
25. R88 S67 (vacillation…)
26. S75 G(5)62
27. P84 Px84 (it is difficult to see how White can defend against this attack)
28. Sx84 S72
29. P’83 K92
30. G74 S’57 (an attempt at distraction)
31. G75 Sx66=
32. Gx64 P’85 (the bishop cannot be taken on account of the combination P82+… Sx73+ double check)
33. Rx85 G71
34. B86 S57+
35. Gx53 +Sx47
36. Kx47 R22
37. Gx62 Rx62
38. P’64 Bx99+ (I can afford to let the lance and knight go…)
39. S’82 P’45
40. Sx71= Px46
41. K38 P47+
42. Kx47 L’41
43. P’46 G’36 (desperation)
44. Px36 Lx46
45. Kx46 P’45
46. K37 1-0

White has nothing left to chuck at me so mate on 22 follows shortly…